Cardiovascular Disease Cardiology - Mailing Lists

Full Name Hospital Contact No. Last Updated Date
Rohit Bhaskar Gastroenterology Consultants Pa 281***400 03-06-2019
Marlene Fine Monroe Community College 585***000 03-06-2019
Ash Jain Regional Medical Center Of San Jose 408***000 03-06-2019
Michael Jay Campbell Duke University Health System 919***916 03-06-2019
Dena Wilson Indian Health Service 301***083 03-06-2019
Shahid Siddiqui Regional Medical Center Of San Jose 408***000 03-06-2019
Dennis Abraham Duke University Medical Center 919***653 03-06-2019
Maria Brueckner Indian Health Service 301***083 03-06-2019
Ahmed Shah Mercer University 478***801 03-06-2019
Jason Katz Duke University Medical Center 919***950 03-06-2019
Norman S Abbott Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point 727***929 03-06-2019
Greg Lam Duke University Medical Center 919***950 03-06-2019
Jerry A Hanson Regional Medical Center Of San Jose 408***000 03-06-2019
Jennifer Hervey Duke University Medical Center 919***511 03-06-2019
Kam K Tabari Regional Medical Center Of San Jose 408***000 03-06-2019
Frank Kopyt Conmed Corporation 315***375 03-06-2019
James Craven Flowers Hospital 334***564 03-06-2019
Aditya A Jain Regional Medical Center Of San Jose 408***000 03-06-2019
Dawn Healy Indian Health Service 406***777 03-06-2019
Gerald Burma Southwest General Hospital NA 03-06-2019

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Heart Attack Vs. Stroke – What’s the Difference? (Infographic)

When it comes to cardiovascular health, one of the worst things that can happen is a heart attack. But recognizing it has gotten difficult over the years as heart attack vs. stroke get repeatedly lumped in with one another despite being vastly differ .....

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I’ve Been Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure!

What Does Congestive Heart Failure Mean? Congestive Heart Failure does not mean your heart is going to stop TODAY! Over 5 million Americans are living with Heart Failure, and 500,000 are diagnosed yearly. All people can develop heart failure.  Some .....

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What to Expect with Afib

As your Denver Cardiologists, we get a lot of questions about atrial fibrillation. In particular, when patients are first diagnosed, it is important to know what to expect with AFib. Today, we take a look at some common symptoms as well as what you c .....

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Can I Exercise with AFib?

Exercising with AFib Living with atrial fibrillation can be difficult. Even once normal rhythm is restored either through medication, ablation, or other procedures, patients are weary of resuming an exercise program. However, exercise is something yo .....

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Heart Health and Dental Health

We talk a lot about how heart health isn’t an island, how many lifestyle and health choices as well as genetic predispositions work together to increase or decrease your risk of heart disease and heart attack. But what about other pieces of the hea .....

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How to Know Your Heart’s Calcium Score and Why it Matters

Calcium Score You’ve heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but when it comes to cardiac health, how do you know what prevention methods will be most effective for you? Well, it all boils down to your ri .....

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Inflammatory Foods and How They Impact Your Heart

Heart health can be impacted by many factors. We often talk about the symptoms, both obvious and less so, that can cue you into when you need to see a doctor. We talk about lifestyle choices that can help keep your heart health a priority no matter w .....

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Congestive Heart Failure Stages and Symptoms

Understanding Congestive Heart Failure We see a lot of different cardiac issues in our offices, but one that we get the most questions about it congestive heart failure. CHF is a complex diagnosis and can often be accompanied by other diagnoses, and .....

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