Cardiovascular Disease Cardiology - Mailing Lists

Full Name Hospital Contact No. Last Updated Date
Issam Moussa Cornell University 212***644 08-08-2019
Jay Coates University Of Nevada School Of Medicine 702***273 08-08-2019
Dmitry Feldman Cornell University 212***644 08-08-2019
Kathleen R Maginot University Of Wisconsin System 608***122 08-08-2019
Ellen A Langrehr University Of Wisconsin System 608***122 08-08-2019
Jack Hitchens Maryland Association Of Nurse Anesthetists NA 08-08-2019
Douglas Earl Kopp University Of Wisconsin System 608***400 08-08-2019
Nidal Isber Richmond University Medical Center 718***234 08-08-2019
Patty Matelitz Seton Health 518***400 08-08-2019
Frank Ammaturo St. Mary Medical Center 215***591 08-08-2019
Cesar Alberte-lista University Of Wisconsin System 608***485 08-08-2019
Kevin Berman Scottsdale Healthcare NA 08-08-2019
Patrick E Mcbrid University Of Wisconsin System 608***400 08-08-2019
Jerry Roy West Virginia University 304***111 08-08-2019
Janet Guilfoyle Cambridge Health Alliance 617***300 08-08-2019
Mary L Zasadi University Of Wisconsin System 608***400 08-08-2019
Kevin Furey St. Mary Medical Center 215***591 08-08-2019
Violet Mccormack Broward Health 954***400 08-08-2019
William Bachman Cambridge Health Alliance 617***350 08-08-2019
David Drucker St. Mary Medical Center 215***591 08-08-2019

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Latest News on Cardiovascular Disease Cardiology

Putting the Brakes on Heart Disease

Slowing Heart Disease At South Denver Cardiology, we’ve always been focused on innovation while ensuring that the programs, resources, and technologies we offer are cutting edge while and proven effective. That’s why we’re so proud to announce .....

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Pool Cardio Tips

We’re deep in the middle of Colorado’s summer and staying consistent with your workout routine is essential. We understand that sometimes those high temperatures leave you checking everything but working out off your to-do list. May we suggest ta .....

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Heart Healthy Summer Drinks and Fresh Mixers

Summer is the time of lemonade stands and sugary sweet drinks, but for those of us that are paying attention to our heart health, we have to tread carefully when we’re at summer fairs, festivals, or just over at a neighbor’s backyard BBQ. Rather .....

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Breakfast Smoothies That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

A breakfast smoothie can be a great way to start your day. Smoothies can be an excellent way to get protein, fiber, good fats, and other nutrients from fruits and superfoods, like spinach and leafy greens. They pack tons of nutrition into a small on- .....

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Colorado Heart Healthy Summer Hikes

We’re heading into summer and in the Front Range, that means it’s a great time to revisit your exercise plan and incorporate some healthy outdoor options to keep your heart health at the front of your personal health priority list while enjoying .....

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Heart Attack Vs. Stroke – What’s the Difference? (Infographic)

When it comes to cardiovascular health, one of the worst things that can happen is a heart attack. But recognizing it has gotten difficult over the years as heart attack vs. stroke get repeatedly lumped in with one another despite being vastly differ .....

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I’ve Been Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure!

What Does Congestive Heart Failure Mean? Congestive Heart Failure does not mean your heart is going to stop TODAY! Over 5 million Americans are living with Heart Failure, and 500,000 are diagnosed yearly. All people can develop heart failure.  Some .....

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What to Expect with Afib

As your Denver Cardiologists, we get a lot of questions about atrial fibrillation. In particular, when patients are first diagnosed, it is important to know what to expect with AFib. Today, we take a look at some common symptoms as well as what you c .....

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